This rare and excellent color combination Testarossa (VIN #ZFFTA17B000061133) was completed at Ferrari SpA Maranello in January 1986. It was imported from the Ferrari Dealership in Milano, Italy, on 03/24/86 into Florida and received DOT approval on 05/20/1986. It is all original, flying single mirror, and single bolt wheels. The larger Euro engine (390 hp v. 380 hp and higher top-end speed 180 mph v. 177 mph ) and specs, including the favored Euro headlights and bumpers, currently has only 27K miles on it – only covering 3K miles in the last 17 years. The exterior is original black with tan interior. The nero/black paint is really good – ode to its climate controlled storage. The carpets are black as is the dash – much preferred over the tan carpet and dash. The carpets have rare leather inserts with the Ferrari logo. There is little wear on the seats or interior. The original Pioneer stereo sits beneath the dash cover. The TR is accompanied with a full service history. An exhaustive and complete major engine out service was completed in February 2016. No expense was spared and no gasket or hose unchecked (over $14K – see attached). Clutch assembly has been properly machine balanced and is great working order. Distributor rotor has been replaced. New engine hood and trunk hood struts. New throw out bearing, gear box bearing, and pressure plate properly tested. Replaced flywheel and timing belt. New of the following: Cam Seal O-Ring, A/C Belt, Alt Belt, Air Pump Belt, Oil Drain Pipe Gasket, End Cover Gasket, Sealer Gasket, V/C Gasket DX, V/C Gasket SX, Dist. Base Gasket, Camshaft Oil Seals, Distributor Drive Oil Seals, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter Cannisters, Tensioner Bearings, Cambelts (Dayco), and 12 Bosch Spark Plugs.

Glendora, California, United States