All Ferraris are rare and interesting, but this 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS is extra special because it was built for the Italian home market. So this sleek and swift prancing horse is one Ferrari didn’t even want to let stray too far from the stable.

A Ferrari really just has to be red. It’s the national racing color of Italy, and so Maranello has spent time understanding how to perfect the application of Rosso Corsa. So we’re happy to see with is believed to be the original application still on the car. And because a Ferrari always gets the honored space in the garage, this one still looks fantastic in its red. With the best gloss and shine, it really highlights the sharp angles of the 328’s design. This quality feeling is elevated further by the level of car that has gone into this car over the years. The panel fit is excellent, and so the hood and headlights remain flat, the unique grille and lower lights stay flush, and the integrated rear spoiler is crisp. Plus, one of the hallmarks of this line is the air inlet that starts in the doors and widens as it flows into the rear panel. And when you buy a 328, you know you want it to look as seamless as this one. Plus, with all the classic elements like the special five-spoke wheels and the correct Ferrari badging, you know this one is a timeless classic.

Inside, the gorgeous black interior is exactly what you’d expect from Ferrari. And the low mileage (about 30,300 – approx. converted from the car’s kilometers) means little time to crease the fine Italian leather. Deeply sculpted bucket seats, the iconic chrome gated shifter that rows through the gears like a bolt-action rifle, and that purring V8 just behind your shoulder blades it’s an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. The leather-wrapped steering wheel connects you to the road in a way that you probably haven’t experienced before, and you’ll never get tired of watching the glowing Veglia gauges do their dance. Plus, you can really tell the level of consideration in this one by the details, like the tautness of the targa roof and the complete toolkit still wrapped in leather. Even the spare tire looks like has never touched the pavement. The premium features are truly reflective of this Ferrari’s era, which include power windows, an alarm system, and provisions for factory air conditioning. Plus, there’s a newer Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo to let you listen to the best tunes… but let’s face it, you’re real favorite soundtrack will always be singing from those quad exhaust tips.

Ferrari’s 3.2-liter V8 is in the company’s fine tradition of providing low displacement per cylinder. It helps give these cars their low-end power advantage that makes them so impressive coming out of the corners. Plus, it’s also the reason for that distinctive exhaust note that will have you always coming back for more. The full presentation of this fuel-injected V8 looks fresh, correct, and well-maintained. It fires up with the kind of quick action that instantly gets your heart pumping and begs for the open road. And when you do give in to these urges, you’ll be rewarded with a car that feels tight and shifts cleanly through the five-speed manual transmission. Of course aiding this sensation is the race-inspired fully independent suspension, grippy newer Bridgestone performance tires, and four-wheel disc brakes.

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