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Every so often a rare car, gemstone, artwork, or talent comes to the surface. Most of us can appreciate the finer things in life. The rarity of a fine, fine wine. The best of the best. Lots of individuals spend money to create that. They take an item and improve it, or “customize” it to their liking or standards. In the car world, it comes in all forms and fashions. For Ferrari, it is captured in its storied past, its mechanical music and the special cars that make us devotees.

Historically, some of the most beautiful cars came pre-war. Strolling Pebble Beach, those award winning works of art command stunning presence and represent a time when art and the automobile met. Enzo came along after the war and started building his art. His only goal was to win races and from that he created road going versions to fuel the revenue to keep making race cars. He survived the 70’s and created som stunning vehicles. Then came the 80’s and one car kept the company alive. And in 1987 the 40th Anniversary was celebrated with the F40, setting the stage for the modern Ferrari.

Quoting Ferrari 70 Years by Dennis Adler pg. 254 “The 355, introduced in 1994, improved upon the virtues of EVERY FERRARI BUILT over the previous half century. It was the first of the New Guard, the bold, the complete, the Ferrari for a generation of prancing horse devotees who had little in common with the wonderfully brutish cars of the past.”

At the time the most powerful Ferrari ever produced with an N.A. V8 engine. The most glorious of sounds. The best shifter. The right proportions and stance. It brought muscle and elegance in a package that has not been duplicated. Sure Ferrari has been known for V12’s and they are their own special class, but the 355 represents a moment in time that can only be enjoyed while sitting behind the wheel at full “song” of those prancing ponies. As a life long car guy, it is the absolute best!

Most of us have enjoyed a 355. We have experienced the highs of ownership – driving – and the lows – maintenance. We all have our opinions and ideological take on the 355 ownership experience. But in the end, we know that it is a special car and when you find an absolute Gem. A near perfect example. One that has been lightly enjoyed, yet ridiculous original. Touched by only it’s owners and care takers. Born by Ferrari and still 98 percent original Ferrari! That is something special. Museum like.

Yes, they should be driven, driven hard and enjoyed. The Challenge cars represent that magical moment where a swarm of 355’s raced together. Absolute bliss to participate in for those few that have experienced it. Most have been repaired, serviced and parts replaced that did not or could not survive. On the street, the miles added up. The choice to “customize,” personalize and improve makes finding an original car very difficult. Classiche is the standard by which Ferrari proves providence and maintains that original lineage. And today a car of that quality, originality and providence is available to those wanting the best, the rare and the magical. It will set the standard for those that desire what Ferrari created in the 355.

A documented 2 owner 1997 Ferrari 355 GTS 6-speed gated manual transmission in Rosso Corsa exterior and Nero interior. It is an original of a vehicle I have ever experienced in the 355 world. I have had the privilege of owning some special 355’s. Most in the 30k mile range. Those cars were not original – exhaust, manifolds, water pumps, etc, etc, etc. All of these “known” things that just “go wrong.” Well that is not my opinion or experience. Humans break things. Human error is our number one fault. Yes, all things mechanical can fail. We all have experienced a mechanical failure at some point in an item we have owned. The 355 is full of those stories, legends and mystic. This car represents the polar opposite of that. One tire change and 3 oil services are all that have been performed. Sold new by Ferrari of Atlanta, it went to LA with the new owner and then he drove it north to his Montecito home, where it lived until 2004, having one service at 2564 miles. Being lightly driven by a producer and marketing executive in the entertainment industry. In 2004 the second owner bought the car as a person to person transaction and drove it to his northern Nevada home. He enjoyed it for a brief moment and then basically parked it. He had one oil service done in the 4K mile range by a small European service center. He drove the car every year for it annual inspection for emissions where it passed. The CARFAX report bares that history. The second owner performed a 3rd oil service on his own, taking great pains and time to do it right. Following the WSM. He replaced the battery every 5 years. He installed a new set of tires in 2011. This car is near perfection.

It has barely suffered any “stickies.” Was stored at altitude and mild climate with hardly any sun exposure. The center stack and switches were the worst and have all been cleaned and or replaced with Ferrari parts. The seats are practically flawless and 99.1 as new for bolster wear. The AC is still ICE COLD. He always started the car and brought it to temperature and turned the compressor on. Since no one has broken system apart or taxed it in hot climates, it is as new. I have all the factory original books, tools, inflator, keys, fobs, pin code, car cover, seat covers, steering wheel cover and the targa top cover and bag. Every item is accounted for. Known changes are upgraded floor mats – I know where originals are and needed for Classiche. Sony radio was upgraded to period correct single disc, but I have the original Ferrari Sony Tape deck and changer. I prefer not to put changer in – it has factory pre-wire, but not worth it. Tape deck is useless so I have left single disc Sony in for now with great 90’s mix CD.

The only flaws are a chip in the painted roof panel. And some rock chips on front bumper – all have been touched up. The car has never been buffed or “color” corrected. Paint his original. He waxed it as recommended in the owners manual, but no other work done. I have paint metered the car and I am confident in its originality. I did see an area of concern on drivers side upper quarter, but these cars were damaged in shipping quite often and they we “corrected” at the factory as well. It is just too consistent front to back and side to side, save for one area. I own a collision center and know paint, so I share what I know and have found. I refuse to do any buffing, correcting or waxing. It has nothing done to it other than Ferrari Glassurite paint.

It has not had the recall done. It has not been driven enough to consider it and was no where near a Ferrari Dealer the last 20 years. It literally is as original as a Ferrari 355 can get. It just knocks you down in its awesome presence.

To be driven and enjoyed, A belt service is probably recommended. I just won’t do it. I don’t need to drive it, as I have a 35k mile gated Spider. I have driven this car about 800 feet. I have never experienced an original clutch and feel. Amazing! The only item not working is the mirror switch, pretty common and I think I can fix it – clean switch, super common. It needs to go to the center of a great collection and cherished. It is that rare Gemstone, fine wine, artwork, etc. and represents the VIRTUES OF EVERY FERRARI BUILT. The best of the best. Unmolested, untouched and as delivered by Maranello in 1997 to these shores.

$499,999.00 obo

5775 miles

Rosso Corsa / Nero

Gated Manual

GTS – lowest production 355’s

All Books, Covers, Original Keys and Fobs, tools, manuals, etc.

Welcome personal inspections. Not leaving my garage. Lots of cars to buy to be driven. This is to be cherished, protected, and placed above all others. Cheers!

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