Selling my beautiful and rare F355 GTB. This gem is in fantastic shape, cosmetically and mechanically. Hate to let it go, but bought another bucket-list car so I need the garage space. I just drove it all over town today (9/29/2018) for over 2 hours and it runs drives perfect.

1996 F355 6 Speed
Black Leather interior
Sticky interior has been fixed
Alpine CD Player (period correct)
K40 Radar
Tubi Exhaust
Fabspeed Headers
Hyperflow Cats
Challenge Grill
Updated Power Steering Reservoir
Rebuilt Alternator
Factory recalls performed
Clean CarFax

Comes with books, records and tool kit in the factory leather pouches. Comes with red key fob as well. Car runs, drives, shifts, stops and sounds great. No odd noises or issues. Everything works as it should, including the A/C system. Clutch doesn’t slip. No dings or dents, maybe a few normal rock chips here and there. Tires have at least 75% tread left.

$58k of top rated service history from the paperwork I have which will be provided to new owner, mainly done at Rayco Eurospec Motorcars, Wild World of Cars and Miller Motor Cars:
3/1998: Perform Oil Service (7,004 miles) – $127

4/1998: Perform Fuel Line Recall, Code #158, (7,184 miles) – 0.00

8/2000: Oil Service, Brake Flush, Repair Interior Door Handle, Replace Rear Tires, Perform Alignment (11,773 miles) – $1,665

1/2001: Major Belt Service, Reseal Transmission, Waterpump, Install Tubi Muffler, Replace Right Side Cat ECU (13,456 miles) – $6,657

8/2003: Oil Service (14,867 miles) – $350

9/2005: Major Belt Service (15,113 miles) – $6,553

9/2006: 5k Service, Oil Change, Brake Flush, Battery, Left and Right Hyperflow Cats (15,305 miles) – $3,951

8/2008: Fabspeed Headers, Header Wrap, Spark Plugs, Oil Change, Alternator, Battery, Window Switch (15,687 miles) – $7,371

9/2008: Driver Window Switch, Wheel Center Cap, Full Auto Reconditioning: $661

5/2009: Clutch Disk, Clutch Master Cylinder, Castrol GTX Dot 4 Fluid (17,239 miles) – $1,590

5/2009: Driver Window Switch: $109

6/2009: Refinish Interior Door Handles, Shift Gate Trim – $87

7/2009: Interior Reconditioning – $168

11/2009: Timing Belt Service, Fuel Filters, Cam Seals, Cam O Rings, Tensioner Bearing Set, Valve Cover Gaskets, Thermostat, Coolant Hoses, Belts, Spark Plugs, Wires, End Plate Gaskets – $7,640

5/2011: Major Belt Service, Oil Service, Gearbox Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Air Filters, Power Steering Fluid, Detail/Wax, Fuel Block Recall, Campaign 561 Seat Belts, Engine Lift Struts, Coolant Hoses, 4 Wheel Alignment, Mount and Balance 4 New Tires (21,424 miles) – $11,917

7/2013: Oil Service, Brake Fluid Flush, Replaced Fuel Tank Drain Plug, A/C System Service and ReCharge, Sticky Interior Removed and Replaced (22,637 miles) – $4,952

10/2013: Left side Cat ECU replaced (22,685) – $1,304

10/2013: Bypass Valve ECU replaced (22,690 miles) – $1,092

6/2015: Oil Service, Blinker Bulb, Cleared Mass Airflow Code (23,750 miles) – $1,045

8/2015: Air Flow Meter replaced (23,881 miles) – $1,613

10/2016: Oil Service, Transmission Fluid Service, Air Filters, Fuel Filter, Brake Fluid (26,000 miles) – My parts and labor

7/2017: Oil Service, Car Detailed (26,300 miles) – My parts and labor

4/2018: New Battery, New Power Steering Reservoir, Power Steering Fluid Change, Coolant Flush and Change (26,400 miles) – My parts and labor

6/2018: New Spal Oil Cooler Fan Installed (26,450 miles) – My parts and labor
The last timing belt change was done 7 years ago and 6k miles ago. I have had the belts reviewed by an ex-Ferrari mechanic 6 months ago and they were said to be in ‘excellent’ shape.

Issues I know of:
Scratches and scuffs under nose of car, mainly on passenger side near skid pad
Scuff under passenger side of car near front wheel well, cannot really be seen unless on a lift
Slightly torn CV boots, I just noticed that a few weeks ago when I was putting the car on the lift
Sweats a little oil after a days long drive
Wheel center plastic caps are looking a bit old and have some cracks in them

Car has a lien on it, so will take 7-10 business days after payment clears to provide the title. Will help ship anywhere in the world.

Good Luck!

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar Ferrari 355 Berlinetta GTB (Affiliate link)

Location: Stratford, Connecticut, United States